Dentist’s Answer

A full service progressive dental laboratory, Dentist’s Answer integrates the science and art of technology to improve the quality of dental prosthetics. We are dedicated to continuous evaluation of new products, always seeking ways to help dentists provide patients with best available restorative options.

Sardar Patel Education Trust

Sardar Patel Education trust (SPET), Anand, Gujarat is the registered Public Trust catering to the needs of the society, through its 15 Educational Institutes under its umbrella for the last FORTY SIX YEARS.

C P Patel & F H Shah Commerce College

C P Patel & F H Shah Commerce College is situated in Anand ,Its Government College For Commerce ,Computer Science .This Website will give the Services related to the students.

DEBS News Channel


DEBS GROUP is founded on a vision, which seeks to be the most Creative media of the world.

DEBS Group headquarters is situated in Borsad DI:Anand offering comprehensive new coverage, business, awareness and documentaries to the worldwide news networks,which include Online web casts and Print Media.