Iphone Training

For Us our Students is our top priority. The training programme and curriculum has designed in such a smart way that the students could get familiar with industrial professionalism since the beginning of the training and till the completion of the curriculum.

Session 1: Introduction to Mac OS X / iPhone OS Technology overview
  • Iphone OS architecture
  • Cocoa touch layer
  • Iphone OS developer tool
  • Iphone OS frameworks
  • Iphone SDK(installation,tools,use)
Session 2: Introduction to Objective – C 2.0 Programming language / Objective C2.0 Runtime Programming
  • Foundation framework
  • Objects,class,messaging,properties
  • Allocating and initializing objects,selectors
  • Exception handling,threading,remote messaging
  • Protocols ,categories and extensions
  • Runtime versions and platforms/interacting with runtime
  • Dynamic method resolution,Message forwarding,type encodings
  • Memory management
Session 3: Cocoa Framework fundamentals
  • About cocoa objects
  • Design pattern
  • Communication with objects
  • Cocoa and application architectiure on Mac OS X
Session 4: Iphone development quick start
  • Overview of native application
  • Configuring application/running applications
  • Using iphone simulator/managing devices
Session 5: View and navigation controllers
  • Adding and implementing the view controller/Nib file
  • Configuring the view
  • Table views
  • Navigation and interface building
  • AlertViews
Session 6: Advanced Modules
  • SQLite
  • User input
  • Performance enhancement and debugging
  • Multi touch functions,touch events
  • Core Data
  • Map Integration
  • Social Network Integration (Facebook, Twitter , Mail)
Session 7: Submitting App to App Store
  • Creating and Downloading Certificates and Provisioning Profiles
  • Creating .ipa using certificates and provisioning profiles
  • Uploading App to AppStore